Need insider recommendations for your next trip? Have travel intelligence to share? The Air Canada Altitude Community is your interactive travel guide created by and for Altitude members.


Tap into the travel knowledge of your fellow frequent flyers
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Get insider travel recommendations

The Altitude Community is more than just another travel site. From where to take clients in Beijing to the best jogging routes in Paris, read recommendations from those who fly as much as you do.

Altitude Community on iPad

Recommend your favourite places

You travel often. You travel far. You know where to go. Share your expertise with the Community and make lists of your favourite spots anywhere in the world.

Altitude Community on iPad

Connect with other Altitude Members

Create your own network of travel experts by following your favourite Altitude members. Get notified when they post something new and join the conversation by “liking” their lists and adding comments.

Altitude Community on iPad

Get recognized for contributing to the community

Earn badges and rewards as you make lists and contribute your travel intelligence. Visit your profile page to see how many badges you unlocked.

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